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Don’t mess with the Big Dog

In Tech on April 20, 2008 at 8:03 am


Via my Uncle Mike:

This is quite simply the most astonishing robot I have ever seen.

Watch it climb over jumbled concrete blocks, walk uphill and downhill
through snow, amazingly regain its footing after slipping on ice, and
even gallop and leap.

When you see the way it stays on its feet after a researcher tries to
kick it over, does it make you wonder how a future version of this
robot might respond to such an attack?

Seems to me in the past decade or so there’s been a sea change in the way scientists approach science. Old way: We can design and engineer solutions to any problem, using intellect and reasoning. New paradigm: Let’s look as closely as we can at how nature solved these same problems…and follow nature’s lead in discovering possible answers.

Very much the way Leonardo da Vinci approached science, well before anything called “science” existed.

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