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Hey kids! Here’s a way to get drugs you haven’t thought of…

In Policy on April 21, 2008 at 7:45 am

World’s dumbest TV commercial?

A kid in the cafeteria faces the camera and describes how he filches prescription pills from his parents’ medicine cabinet. This is somehow going to result in FEWER kids who raid the medicine cabinet for a cheap high. Hmm.

TV commercials depicting novel ways to abuse drugs. As a deterrent.

Wonder how that’s working.

The anti-drug indeed.

  1. Exactly! It would never have occured to me as a kid to try that.

    Maybe the commercial is really for parents like me who would never figure out all the ways my kids could deceive me without the help of a federally mandated public service campaign. (crap, I just realized, I’m more pathetic than I previously thought).

    Oh, btw – very cool blog. You should have done this 20 years ago. Think of all the great ideas and world changing epiphanies you’ve had that have come and gone like an old, empty, plastic grocery bag in the wind. Ah well, ‘se la vi’ – now that you’ve got a blog, henceforth and forever your new ideas will never again be erased from humanity’s collective consciousness … and THAT is truly GOOD NEWS.

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