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13 things that do not make sense

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2009 at 10:48 am

The most interesting science read I have come across in recent weeks. I’ve excerpted the phenomena from the article below, but the real fun is in actually reading it.

Update: From my practical and personal perspective, the two most interesting phenomena that do not make sense are the placebo effect, which is now known to be biochemical but remains as yet unexplained, and the Belfast homeopathy results, in which a scientist aiming to discredit homeopathy’s claim that a chemical remedy can be diluted to the point where a sample is unlikely to contain a single molecule of anything but water and yet still have a healing effect, instead produced striking evidence affirming that the homeopathic effect exists, despite no known mechanism for how or why it might work.

  1. The placebo effect
  2. The horizon problem
  3. Ultra-energetic cosmic rays
  4. Belfast homeopathy results
  5. Dark matter
  6. Viking’s methane
  7. Tetraneutrons
  8. The Pioneer anomaly
  9. Dark energy
  10. The Kuiper cliff
  11. The Wow signal
  12. Not-so-constant constants
  13. Cold fusion

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