M a t t . T r e d e r


Matt is the pianist and keyboardist everybody wants in their band or on their session.

He is one of those rare musicians who comes along once in a very long while, possessing a golden set of ears, musical taste beyond his years, and an enviable “in the moment” attitude towards music. When Matt plays, even the most mundane material comes to life — his touch is truly magic!

– Tim Clarke
Score! Music & Sound Design

Matthew is an exceptionally talented musician, composer, and arranger and a pleasure to work with.

He worked with me several years as the accompanist/musician coordinator for the University of Oregon Gospel Ensemble and in the same capacity for my former community gospel choir, Inspirational Sounds.

He’s great with all genres of music, works well with others and can whip a rhythm band into shape in a matter of minutes. His improvisational abilities are second to none and when it come to playing Black American music authentically, he has that “soulful” touch.

I highly recommend Matthew Treder. With Matt in the mix, your music endeavor is destined to be the very best!

– John Gainer
Founder, University of Oregon Gospel Choir,
John Gainer’s Inspirational Sounds

Matt is an amazing musical talent.

Personable and knowledgeable, he makes a great teacher and performer. I worked with him for three or so years, and I was always inspired by his effortless ability and spirit of working together to create wonderful music.

– Gus Russell
Project One Audio

From cover story on “They Oughta Write a Song…” from Halie Loren:

Before listening to the album, I was on alert for a lounge piano or cabaret moment. It’s not there. Treder’s piano playing never gets too flashy, but he always supports Loren’s interpretations of well-known songs.

– Serena Markstrom
The Register-Guard

Review of the title cut from “They Oughta Write a Song…”:

I am totally blown away. Oh, my God! She is wonderful! You are wonderful! The band is wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about what I just heard.

This  is one of the most exciting new songs I have heard. It has a classic standard sound, yet it is fresh, contemporary. And Halie Loren’s singing is just perfect for it. I can’t get it out of my mind. It’s a winner, as is the entire recording.

– Fred Crafts
KVAL-TV & The Register-Guard

From review of “Stages”:

Particularly notable here is pianist Matt Treder, who brings the backdrop to life with a piano part that’s so vibrant it’s practically alive.

– Wildy’s World

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